Who is Dream Big Solutions?

And Why do they want to Help Me?!?!?

Family Photo Spring Richard Hoedl, Krista Whaley & Lukas
Richard, Krista, Lukas and Sunshine Bear having fun!


Dream Big Solutions is a company narrowly focused on the things we do best - getting people results, helping business people envision their favourite future, developing a plan to move into that future, helping them overcome any obstacles or impediments and supporting them as they move in that direction.


The crazy ideas (which we LOVE, so bring us your crazy ideas. We won't laugh) come from a zany Nanaimo couple, you can meet below.

Richard Hoedl Head Honcho of Dream Big Solutions in Nanaimo, BC

I'm Richard Hoedl, the Head Honcho at Dream Big Solutions, you may have seen me on the TV show "Success by Design" or have listened to me on the Dream Big Solutions Radio Show. 


You may have even seen me in connection to the art world as I have spent years as a successful artist showing my work all across Canada.

(Click Here to snoop at my artwork!)


I have years of experience in helping people and businesses envision their perfect life and dreams.  But my real talent lies in the planning and mapping out the entire process so that your business has a clear step by step map to achieving its goals!

My goal is to help businesses to become successful businesses.  Giving a helping hand and all the know how I can muster to those who dare to Dream Big!

I realize that the successful business is not all about what happens at the business but what happens at home as well.  Laying out the priorities in life so that both the business and the life of the people involved work in harmony, is at the foundation of what I teach.

"Why settle for small dreams when you can just as easily Dream Big!"

Krista Whaley - Wayfinder Extaordinaire!

I'm Krista Whaley, Master WayFinder and Queen of Energetics at Dream Big Solutions, and I love it when people tell me why they don't think they can achieve their dreams so we can find a way together.


I specialize in helping people see their own potential and amazing, achievable possibilities for their lives and businesses, and I can help you to move through the challenges that you face.  I also break into dance at random intervals!

We Passionate and Excited About living our dreams while Helping You to Live Yours!

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